Presidential Awards for Filipino Individuals and Organizations Overseas



1. Any individual or organization, whether Filipino or foreign, based in the Philippines or overseas, may submit nominations for the awards.

2. Nominations may be submitted through the Philippine Embassy or Consulate with jurisdiction in the country/area. Nominations submitted through the Philippine Embassy or Consulate should be addressed to the attention of the Awards Committee (to be established in each Post).

3. All nomination forms and additional sheets should be submitted in soft/hard copy. It is suggested that lengthy supporting documents such as books and reports be also submitted in USB flash drive.

4. Previous nominees who are not recipients of the award may be re-nominated under the same or another category.

5. An individual or organization may not be nominated in more than one category at any one time. The Secretariat reserves the right to change the category in which the individual or organization was initially nominated, as appropriate.

6. In cases where an individual and the organization where he/she belongs are both nominated to the same award category, primacy of the organization will be upheld.

7. Only one award can be given to any person for the same deeds or set of activities.

8. The following are disqualified from nomination: Individuals overseas who are employed by the host government or the Philippine government, if the contributions cited as basis for their nominations are specifically required to be among their official functions
and duties; and former awardees, either in the same or other categories; and

9. The awards may be given posthumously.



1. Nominations must be made on the prescribed form (see detachable copy) and submitted together with supporting documents. All submissions must be written in, or translated into English or Filipino.

2016 Nomination Form Individual          2016 Nomination Form For Other Nominees


2. The Nomination Form must be completed and should accordingly include all required information, particularly a summary of the work or relevant contribution of the individual or organization being nominated.

3. The contribution of the nominee should be specifically described, whether personal or professional service, material or financial contribution, or technology, skill or know-how that has proven to be recognized or beneficial (Please indicate estimated value, if the contribution is monetary or material).

4. The submission should include qualitative and/or quantitative information to describe the outcome or impact of the nominee’s contribution to the beneficiaries, community, or the nominee’s own profession, or the country.

5. The duly completed Endorsement Form completed by the Post’s Awards Committee. (see detachable copy)

2016 Endorsement Form


All nominations submitted through mail or online must be received by the CFO on or before 31 May 2016. Nonsubmission of required documents may be a cause for disqualification of the nominee.

All documents shall be treated with utmost confidentiality, and shall become the property of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas.


The Awards Ceremonies will be held in December 2016 at the Malacañan Palace, Manila.